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Document What does NHS Pensions need to do when a TUPE bulk transfer takes place?

Once NHS Pensions has received the relevant schedule or spreadsheet of information from the NHS employer involved in the transfer, receipt of the schedule or spreadsheet will be acknowledged. Pension information packs will be prepared and sent to the receiving pension scheme, for forwarding on to the individual members. These packs will include:

  • A statement of the pension, lump sum and survivor's benefits accrued as of the last day of NHS pensionable membership
  • A statement of the membership accrued as of the last day of NHS pensionable membership
  • An option form to be signed by the member, confirming whether or not they wish to take part in the bulk transfer
  • Explanatory notes covering the alternatives to the bulk transfer

Upon receipt of the completed option forms, NHS Pensions will send the necessary data to the Government Actuary's Department (GAD) for those individuals who have decided to take part in the bulk transfer. GAD will then calculate the bulk transfer amount payable, which will be paid by NHS Pensions to the receiving scheme.

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