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Document What is a TUPE bulk transfer?

A bulk TUPE transfer is a special arrangement whereby enhanced transfer terms are negotiated between the NHS Pension Scheme and a prospective new scheme. It allows NHS Pension Scheme members to transfer their accrued pension benefits to their new employers' pension scheme and receive pension benefits of equivalent value to those earned in the NHS Pension Scheme immediately prior to the transfer.

Each individual member of the NHS Pension Scheme is able to decide whether or not it is in his or her interest to take part in the bulk transfer arrangement. Members will be given a three month period (known as the option period) in which to decide whether to participate in the bulk transfer arrangement or not.

The Government Actuary's Department (GAD) is responsible for negotiating with prospective employers on behalf of the NHS Pension Scheme to establish satisfactory bulk transfer terms. There can be no guarantee that a satisfactory arrangement can be reached; however, in the majority of cases, especially those involving large numbers of staff, it is possible for the GAD to negotiate satisfactory terms.

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