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Document What is considered when deciding whether to award Tier 2 ill health?

When deciding whether to award Tier 2 ill health, the Scheme's medical advisers  will consider your:
  • mental capacity;
  • physical capacity;
  • previous training; and
  • previous practical, professional and vocational experience.
Additional factors which will be taken into consideration are:
  • Your age at the time of application
  • Your Normal Pension Age (NPA)
  • The diagnosed condition causing your ill health
  • Any treatment that has been undertaken to date
  • Any treatment that is available or yet to be explored
  • The treating medical professionals prognosis and evidence
  • Your job prior to your application
  • The likelihood of a return to your previous employment before your Normal Pension Age.
For more information, please see the ill health guidance available on our website.
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