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Document Can I return to work if I am receiving a 1995 Section ill health pension awarded under the pre 1 April 2008 arrangements?

Yes, however certain restrictions apply if you return to work in the NHS. There are no restrictions if you return to non-NHS work.
If you are in receipt of an ill health pension under the old arrangements (ill health applied for before 01/04/2008) and return to NHS work before your Normal Pension Age and earnings exceed a certain limit, the pension will be subject to abatement. This applies where earnings from re-employment plus pension in payment exceed earnings before retirement. The reduction will be pound for pound and can be up to the total value of the annual pension. Abatement will continue until you reach age 60 or the earnings from your re-employment reduce sufficiently, whichever is the earlier.
Should you decide to undertake any unpaid voluntary work within the NHS then Scheme benefits will not be affected. However, you should declare the fact that you are doing voluntary work on any forms you receive from NHS Pensions.

For more information, please see the Working After Retirement factsheet on our website.

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