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Document When can I claim my 2008 Section benefits and what effect would this have on continuing to build benefits in the 2015 Scheme?

The benefits you have built up before moving to the 2015 Scheme can be taken unreduced once you reach your Normal Pension Age (NPA) in the 2008 Section or at an earlier date (on or after reaching your minimum pension age) with a reduction for early payment. You will need to end your contract of employment or contract for services if you are a Practitioner, and take a 24 hour break unless you have had a single break of more than five years in your pensionable service. As a former member of the 2008 Section, you can build up further pension rights in the 2015 Scheme as long as a 24 hour break is taken before returning to NHS employment.

Members who have deferred pension benefits in the 2008 Section that have a break of more than five years may claim their deferred benefits (on a reduced basis) once they reach their minimum pension age or unreduced once they reach their NPA for the 2008 Section, without having to take a 24 hour break in their NHS employment. In addition they may also continue to gain further membership of the 2015 Scheme.
Where a member has moved across to the 2015 Scheme with a final salary link to their 2008 Section benefits this is lost when a member has a single break in pensionable service that is more than five years. A final salary link will remain where the break is five years or less.
Please note that membership of another public service scheme during a break in 2015 Scheme membership can affect the final salary link.
You can find more information about Scheme Protection arrangements on our website.
Further information about preserved rights and working after retirement can be found on our website.

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