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Document Can I return to NHS work after retiring from the 2008 section of the Scheme?

After retiring from the 2008 Section of the Scheme you can return to work within the NHS. However, you must have a 24 hour break before returning to NHS employment.

Please note: if you are claiming only part of your pension using the Draw Down arrangements, you can continue to work in your NHS job without taking a 24 hour break.

If you have deferred benefits in the 2008 Section and you are currently a member of the 2015 Scheme it may be possible for you to claim your 2008 Section benefits and continue to pay into the 2015 Scheme. You will not need to take a 24 hour break from your current NHS job.

If you do intend to return to work you must confirm this on the AW8 Application form. Following this, your employer will need to complete a Pensioner re-employment form and send this to NHS Pensions confirming you have met the above criteria.

On returning to employment your pension may be subject to a reduction. This is known as abatement. If your pension is subject to abatement, the reduction will be determined by the actual earnings from your re-employment.

The above applies to NHS work only, however, further restrictions apply if you are in receipt of a Tier 2 ill health pension and become re-employed anywhere, including outside the NHS. You should also read the Returning to work following ill health retirement factsheet.

In addition to these restrictions your employer may have additional restrictions that apply specifically to them. You would need to contact your employer to discuss specific restrictions.

For further information about returning to work after retirement, please see our website.

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