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Document How is abatement calculated if I retire from the 2008 section of the Scheme?

There is no provision within the 2008 section of the scheme to suspend payment of benefits following a return to work after retirement. However, abatement does apply to pensioners who return to or continue working in the NHS before age 65 and are in receipt of one of the following pensions:

  • Ill health Tier 1 or Tier 2
  • Early payment of deferred benefits due to ill health
  • Early retirement in the Interests of the efficiency of the service

If this applies to you, write to NHS Pensions at the address below with the details of your employment before you go back to work in the NHS.

NHS Pensioner Admin,
PO Box 2268,

NHS Pensions  will then write and tell you the amount you could earn (your earnings margin) before your pension is affected. If you do not do this you may be paid too much pension. If this happens, you will have to pay the money back.

Your annual pension will be reduced where your earnings from re-employment plus the unearned element of the pension in payment exceeds your earnings before retirement. The unearned element is the difference between the pension amount payable to you and the amount that would have been paid as a reduced pension due to voluntary early retirement. The reduction can be up to the value of the unearned element and will continue until you reach age 65 or the earnings from your re-employment reduce sufficiently. 
For further information, please see the Returning to Work section of our website.

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