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Document What salary figure is used for an Officer member if abatement applies?

The salary figure used in abatement calculations is known as the pre-retirement pay figure. Your pre-retirement pay figure is calculated using information supplied by your employer.

The figure used as your pre-retirement pay is the higher of either:

  • Your annual rate at cessation. This is your annual salary on your last day of pensionable employment. For example, if you work part time and received a pay rise on 1 April 2016 from £14,000 to £15,000 and you then retired on 31 May 2016 your annual rate at cessation would be £15,000 as this was your actual annual salary on your last day of employment; or
  • Your actual pensionable pay figure used in the calculation of your pension benefits. If you are a part time employee, your part time pensionable pay amount will be used.

Your annual pre-retirement pay figure is updated in line with cost of living increases each year.

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