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Document I have been granted protection of pay how is my pension calculated?

If you retire or transfer out to another pension scheme and have one period of protected pay, two pensions will be calculated. A pension based on the protected rate of pay plus inflation increases for membership up to the date of protection and a second pension for membership after that date will be calculated using pay at retirement.

If the benefit calculation using the protected pay plus inflation is not more beneficial to you then we will use your pay at retirement to calculate your award. We will always use the pay figure which gives you the highest annual pension.

If you are actively paying into an added years contract and you have been granted protection of pay we will credit your added years up to the date of protection and then your future added years credit will be based on your membership and pay up to retirement.

Those who have Mental Health Officer (MHO) status and have accrued doubling years will have their doubling calculated up to the protected period and then the remaining service, doubled years and pay worked out separately.

For further information, please see the Membership, contributions and pay section of our website.

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