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Document What is Voluntary Protection of Pay?

The Scheme supports members who wish to step down to a less demanding role. Only members of the 1995 Section may be able to apply for Voluntary Protection of Pay if:
  • you have attained minimum pension age, and
  • have chosen to step down to a less demanding role where your new or remaining duties are less demanding and carry less responsibility than your previous duties.
It would normally be expected that the step down would occur with the same employer. However if a suitable role to ‘step down’ to cannot be provided by one employer, but can be arranged with another, this would be acceptable. In this case both employers will have to provide information that confirms a ‘step down’ arrangement has been agreed. The provision is not intended for situations where a member leaves one employer and joins another on a reduced rate of pay without an agreement between employers.

Other criteria also applies, for further information please see the Protection of Pay and Voluntary Protection of Pay factsheet on our website.

If you are a member of the 2015 Scheme who moved from the 1995 Section as part of the transitional arrangements you may also apply for Voluntary Protection of Pay for your 1995 Section membership, providing you have not had a break in pensionable employment of more than five years since moving to the 2015 Scheme.

To apply for Voluntary Protection of Pay you would need to make your application after 12 months, but within 15 months, of your pensionable pay being reduced. You apply by submitting a SMR9 form, which can be found on our website, to the employer you arranged the step down with.

Please note: if you are a practitioner member your pension benefits are based on your re-valued career earnings. This is known as a Career Average Re-valued Earnings (CARE) pension. It is not necessary for you as a practitioner member to request protection of your pay.
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