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Document What is meant by Mark Time or Marking Time?

Mark time or marking time relates to a process when your salary for a job reduces but your employer agrees to pay you the higher salary for a fixed period of time.

If relevant, you can apply for protection of pay at the start and end of the mark time period.

This is useful because your pay during the marked time period will remain static and by applying for protection of pay at the earliest opportunity will mean cost of living increases will be applied from this earlier date. When the marked time period ends and your pay actually reduces, you can apply again with the same process applied but cost of living increase will only be applied back to this later date.

If you have one period of protection when you retire, two pensions will be calculated. A pension based on your protected rate of pay plus cost of living increases for membership up to the date of protection, and a second pension for membership after that date which will be calculated on your pay at retirement. Applying at the start and end of a marked time period could mean that three pensions will be calculated.

If by retirement, the protected pay plus cost of living increases is not more beneficial to you, then the whole of your 1995/2008 Scheme pension benefits will be calculated using your pay at retirement.

For further information regarding Protection of Pay and to download the SM R9 application form, please refer to the protection of pay and voluntary protection of pay factsheet on our website.
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