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Document If I voluntarily leave one job and get another job at a later date with a new employer, could I apply for Protection of Pay?

This provision applies to members of the 1995 Section only and may be considered in circumstances where, in the run up to retirement, you wish to continue in NHS employment but feel you may only be able to do so in a lesser capacity. It is intended to enable employers to maintain valuable knowledge and skills of a member who, without the opportunity to step-down, may otherwise have left the NHS.
If granted, Voluntary Protection of Pay (VPP) enables you to move to a lower paid job that is less demanding or with less responsibility whilst protecting the pension benefits you built up to the date the higher paid job ceased.
VPP is not intended for situations where you simply choose to leave one NHS employer and commence employment with another on a reduced rate of pay. It can only be granted where the employer agrees to and arranges the step down. Where a ‘step down’ role is arranged with a different NHS employer, both employers must confirm their agreement to the step down.  

VPP is not applicable in the 2015 Scheme, but if you are a 1995/2008 Scheme member and move to the 2015 Scheme, you will continue to retain a final salary link in respect of your 1995/2008 Scheme benefits provided you do not have a break in membership of five years or more. If applicable, you can apply for VPP in respect of the final salary link.

More information about voluntary protection of pay is available on the NHS Pensions website.

If you wish to apply for protection of pay you should complete the application form SM R9 App and send this to your employer.
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