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Document What pay figure will be used to calculate my 1995/2008 Scheme benefits if I have multiple concurrent jobs at different pay bands?

When a member has two or more posts running together with differing pay bands the pay and hours from all of their posts are used to calculate the pay figure for their benefits.
For members of the 1995 Section we will calculate a single composite Total Pensionable Pay (TPP). For more information on calculating a composite TPP, please see our website.
If you are confident with calculating composite pay figures, you can record the composite TPP and Notional Whole Time Pay (NWT) for the last three years on Pensions Online (POL)/retirement benefits claim form (AW8), and send an email to to inform NHS Pensions that you have done so.
If you are not able to calculate the composite pay figures you will need to record the TPP and NWT figures from their substantive post on POL/retirement benefits claim form (AW8), and email to confirm which figures have been used. NHS Pensions will then calculate the composite figures. If we are unable to do this, we may have to request further information from the relevant employers.
2008 Section benefits are worked out using a reckonable pay figure. This calculation is carried out by NHS Pensions, rather than employers, and can only be done at the point of retirement. However, we can confirm that the calculation takes into account all pensionable employments, even if they are at different pay bands. Whilst all hours worked will be added to the overall membership, the more hours a member works at the higher pay band will have a more beneficial effect on their reckonable pay figure.

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