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Document Which payments are not pensionable?

The following payments are not pensionable:
  • One-off payments
  • Payment for hours above the standard whole time hours. (Note: From 1 April 2014, Type 2 practitioners are now required to pension all earnings even if above standard full time hours). This does not apply to officer or locum posts.
  • Discretionary or bonus payments for completion of a job
  • Bonus payments relating solely to the performance of the employee
  • Any new local Clinical Excellence Awards made from 1 April 2018
  • For whole-time members payments for work done whilst on-call are non-pensionable as they are classed as overtime. The payment for being ‘available’ is pensionable. For part-time members payments for work done whilst on-call are pensionable at plain time rates, up to the whole time weekly hours.
  • Temporary Injury Allowance (TIA) / Injury Allowance
  • Payments in lieu of notice (this payment is in effect compensation to an employee for breach of contract)
  • Payments made for work done as a Non-Executive Director / Non-Executive Board member. These are non-contributory posts. (Please note if the member also happens to be a Practitioner please refer to NHS Pensions for advice.)
  • Any salary used as part of a Salary Sacrifice (the TPP after salary sacrifice has been deducted is used for Pension purposes).
  • Expenses reimbursement such as travel expenses
  • For part time members, any overtime work at a different rate of pay is not pensionable.
  • NHS Student Bursary payments, as this is financial support for you whilst training on an NHS funded course rather than a payment from an employer.
Please note: this list is not exhaustive.

For further information please see the Membership, contributions and pay section of our website.
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