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Document If a member has active posts that exceed whole time, which post or hours should be made non-pensionable?

If the employee has 2 or more jobs which together will exceed whole time, the excess posts or hours should be made non-pensionable according to the following rules:
  • Whole-time posts take priority;
  • Then higher paid part-time posts or hours take priority;
  • Then identical posts that are simpler to administrate take priority;
Where contributions have been deducted in error or at an incorrect rate, employers should make local arrangements to repay them to the employee. No interest is payable. The employer may need to submit an SD55E if the record has not already been amended by NHS Pensions.
  • If NHS Pensions is notified that a member has a part time job overlapping with a whole time job, which cannot be pensionable, they will issue an SM14.
  • If a part time employment has hours that exceed whole time, Data Management will issue form SM8.
 However, an administrator may send an email notification to the employer instead of using these forms.
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