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Document How are tiered contributions calculated for officers?

An officers contribution tier is based on their full whole time equivalent (WTE) pensionable pay in the previous financial year. If you work part time, your WTE annualised pensionable pay figure will be used to determine your contribution tier. You will then pay the appropriate tier percentage on your actual part time earnings.

If any of the following occur, you will expect to see a change in your contribution tier:

  • Changing job
  • Voluntary step down
  • Returning to the NHS after a break
  • Pay increase

Where there is a need to change your contribution tier the new rate will normally commence from the start of your pay period. If the change occurs mid month the new rate will be implemented from the start of the next pay period.

If you have more than one concurrent pensionable post each post will be assessed individually when setting your contribution tier therefore you may pay a different tier percentage on each post.

For further information please see the contributions section of our website.

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