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Document What is meant by the term Restricted Service?

When a member achieves more qualifying service than they are allowed to, this is referred to as restricted service. For example, special class members cannot have more than 40 years at age 55 and no more than 45 years overall. If this amount of service is exceeded, their service will be restricted and the restricted service will not be used in the calculated of their pension benefits. We will restrict the least beneficial period of service.
If a member has both part time and full time service, their part time service would be restricted before their full time service.
An example of restricted service:
Service Reckonable Service Calendar Length Service
19/04/1965 to 20/11/1996 31 years 216 days     31 years 216 days
21/11/1996 to 20/11/1998 00 years 356 days     02 years 000 days
21/11/1998 to 18/04/2007 08 years 149 days     08 years 149 days
Totals 40 years 356 days     42 years 000 days
Restriction: 21/11/1996 to 20/11/1998 00 years 356 days     02 years 000 days
Totals 40 years 000 days 40 years 000 days
In the example above, the member has worked 2 years part time. If this member had more than 2 years part time membership, NHS Pensions would restrict the 2 years where the member had worked the least hours.
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