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Document Can I retain Mental Health Officer or Special Class status if I move into a managerial role?

If you are a Mental Health Officer (MHO) member moving into a managerial post, you will be allowed to retain your MHO status providing you have line management responsibility for staff responsible for the care and treatment of patients suffering from mental disorders. Entitlement to retain MHO status will be strengthened if your responsibilities include setting and monitoring standards of psychiatric nursing and the development and training of staff. If your employer is unsure whether you can retain MHO status, they should provide us with your current and former job descriptions.

In some circumstances Special Class status can be retained when moving into a managerial role. A nursing qualification and experience must be essential for the new post. You will contact your employer in the first instance for advice on whether you can retain Special Class status in your new role. Your employer will contact us if they are unsure and require further advice. We will request details from your employer of your current and former job descriptions to establish whether retaining Special Class status is possible.

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