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Document If a member lost their Special Class status due to employment with a GP Surgery, can they regain Special Class status?

Where a Special Class member returns to the 1995 Section of the Scheme after a break in membership, they may retain Special Class status for future membership provided they did not incur a break in pensionable NHS employment of five years or more.

In circumstances where a break in membership occurred prior to 1 September 1997, due to employment with a GP Practice whereby the member did not have access to the Scheme, NHS Pensions may ignore the period from 6 March 1995 to 31 August 1997 when determining eligibility for retention of Special Class Status.

If you believe the above applies to you please write to NHS Pensions with details of your employment during the break in membership. If possible, please provide appropriate documentary evidence of your employment(s), such as payslips or P60’s.
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