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Document Is there an appeals process if Scheme Pays is rejected?

We can’t accept a scheme pays election if it does not meet HMRC’s mandatory or NHS Pension’s voluntary scheme pays conditions. The main condition being that your scheme pays election must be received within the 31 July deadline or earlier if you are retiring or have reached age 75.


You can appeal against this decision by writing to the Annual Allowance Team Manager and explaining why you did not meet the conditions.


If your appeal is successful we will confirm under which scheme pays facility, mandatory or voluntary, we can pay your annual allowance charge.


If unsuccessful we will explain why it is has been unsuccessful.


If your election has been rejected or returned to you because it is incomplete or you have provided insufficient or incorrect details you will be asked to complete another SPE2 and your election will be reassessed.


You can find more details about the scheme pays deadline and conditions in the Pension Savings Statement Guide and factsheets on our website.
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