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Document How do I elect for the Scheme Pays facility for Annual Allowance?

If you want to ask NHS Pensions to pay your annual allowance charge to HMRC you need to complete the Scheme Pays Election Notice (SPE2) available on our website - please ensure you use the current version of the election notice.


We must receive your election by the 31 July, following the January in which the annual allowance charge must be declared on your self-assessment tax return (for example if you wanted to make a Scheme Pays election for the 18/19 tax year you need to complete and send us the SPE2 before 31 July 2020). The deadline is the same for both mandatory scheme pays and voluntary scheme pays.


Tax Year



31 July 2019


31 July 2020


31 July 2021


31 July 2022

You will have to send us your SPE2 earlier if one of the following events is going to take place before the deadline, either you are going to:

  • retire - we need to receive your completed election before your NHS benefits become payable; or
  • reach age 75 - we need to receive your completed election before your 75th birthday.

If you are about to retire / turn 75 and have not received your Annual Allowance Statement you need to estimate if you think you could be liable for an annual allowance charge. You can then complete an election using an estimated charge amount and make sure we receive it before the above deadlines.


Once your election has been accepted it cannot be revoked (unless you are no longer liable to any annual allowance charge in the relevant year) but you have up to four years to change it if the amount of annual allowance you want us to pay changes.


More details about this are in the Scheme Pays Election Guide on our website.

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