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Document I was a member of the 1995/2008 and now 2015 scheme, will I receive two separate annual allowance statements?

The 2015 scheme and the 1995 / 2008 section are separately registered pension schemes with HMRC.

Whilst an active member of the 2015 scheme, a member will have a growth calculated in the 2015 scheme and also in the 1995 / 2008 section.

If after the two have been calculated and the combined amount exceeds Annual Allowance limits, a separate statement for each NHS Scheme will be issued. Please note, due to the way in which the statements are issued, you may not receive these at the same time.

The above will also apply if you have not exceeded the Annual Allowance limits but have made a request for an On Demand statement.

For further information about Annual Allowance, please see our website.
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