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Document Can I request a statement showing how much Annual Allowance I have used?

Yes. If you have not exceeded the Annual Allowance you can request a pension savings statement from us and we will send this within three months of your request. If you ask for an ‘On Demand’ statement before 6 July, we have until 6 October to send you a statement. However, if we are awaiting information from your employer to calculate your NHS Pension Scheme benefit growth we have up to 3 months from the date we receive all the required information.

A third party such as your financial adviser, accountant or tax adviser can request a statement as long as they provide us with a valid letter of authority. Where a third party requests a statement on your behalf, NHS Pensions will always issue the statement to you and it will then be up to you to forward this on.

A third party can request copies of any Annual Allowance statement held on your pension record as long as they provide us with a valid letter of authority. A copy can be sent to them if they prefer.

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