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Document A prescriber has forgotten to include the strength, quantity or preparation; can I amend the prescription?

'Prescriber Contacted' or 'PC' - excluding controlled drugs
When there is a missing dose, drug strength and / or quantity, you can contact the prescriber and endorse the missing details.
You should also endorse 'PC' with your initials and date, to indicate this.

For Schedule 2 and 3 Controlled Drugs only, when the prescriber has specified the total quantity only in words or only in figures the above can be applied. However, it cannot be used where the total quantity has not been stated.

‘Prescriber Not Contacted’ or ‘PNC’ - excluding controlled drugs

When a prescription is presented with a missing presentation and the prescriber cannot be contacted; if you have sufficient information to make a professional judgement, the presentation can be endorsed and dispensed.

When a prescription is presented with a missing strength / quantity and the prescriber cannot be contacted, you may supply sufficient amount to complete up to 5 days treatment.

The exception to this is where a combination pack or oral contraceptive is prescribed by name only, in which case the smallest pack size can be dispensed.

In both cases ‘PNC’; must be endorsed and initialled and dated.

This cannot be used for Schedule 2 and 3 Controlled Drugs.

You should not be endorsing ‘PC’ or ‘PNC’ if you want to change anything on the prescription, e.g. strength; only the prescriber can do this.
If you have any doubt about what to dispense against an incomplete prescription, you should return it to the prescriber for further information.


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