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Document How is my pharmacy's establishment payment calculated?

In England, pharmacy contractors who dispense 2,500 prescription items or more in any month between 1 April 2017 and 30 September 2019 will receive an Establishment Payment as set out in the table below:
Number of items per month from
1 April 2017
Monthly Establishment Payments from
1 April 2017
2,500 - 2,829 £1,164
2,830 - 3,149 £1,210
3,150+ £1,255

As of 1 October 2019 the establishment payments have changed as set out in the below table:
Number of items per month from
1 October 2019
Monthly Establishment Payments from
1 October 2019
2,500 - 2,829 £582
2,830 - 3,149 £605
3,150+ £628

You will not receive a payment unless you dispense the minimum number of items.

For Establishment Payments figures for months before April 2017, you can find them in the relevant months Drug Tariff.

If you wish to query the number of items processed for a single month due to your payment dropping below a threshold, please submit the recheck form on our website, ticking the item count box and entering any relevant details in the additional information box.

Where total monthly payments in relation to prescriptions passed for pricing for the period April to November 2016 are less than the amount which would have been paid had the payment been calculated on an annual basis, pharmacy contractors may make a claim for a top up payment to the NHSCB (NHS England).

English Pharmacy contractors should submit, by the following 31 July, copies of FP34 statements for the relevant period (April to November) as evidence of the total number of prescription items passed for pricing during this period.

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