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Document Can I change the payment date for my Direct Debit (DD)?

We're unable to change the date of your first collection of a new certificate, however, this is possible for the nine subsequent payments.

If the next collection date is within 3 working days of the day we action your request, we're unable to prevent this payment from being collected; your collection date will change for the following instalment instead.

We also cannot set your new collection to a date within 13 working days of us actioning your request (this time is required to amend the DD instruction with your bank); if the current month's collection date cannot be amended, we'll change it from the following month instead.

If any change to your collection date results in a month being missed from your collection plan, we may be required to take 2 payments in the following month. This is to ensure that your certificate will be fully paid for prior to its expiry. Please contact us.
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