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Document Can I cancel the Direct Debit (DD) for my current Prescription Prepayment Certificate (PPC)?

Yes, you can cancel your Direct Debit (DD) at any time by contacting either your bank, or ourselves, however, please be aware by cancelling the DD you're cancelling the method of payment only, not the actual PPC itself.

As you're paying by the DD instalment option you've entered into a commitment to pay all of the instalments.

If you use a PPC after failing to pay an instalment you may have to pay a penalty charge. If you fail to pay all of the instalments, we may take further action to recover the remaining balance owed on the PPC.

If you no longer need your PPC you must return the certificate to us
with a covering letter advising that you want to cancel. The PPC will cease to be valid from the date we receive it back and we will write to you if there's an outstanding payment due to be paid.

If you've become exempt from paying for NHS prescriptions, please let us know the reason why and the date you became exempt as you may be due a refund of payments already made.


PPC Issue Office
PO Box 854
Newcastle upon Tyne
NE99 2DE

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