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Document How long will it take for my Prescription Prepayment Certificate (PPC) to arrive?

The time it takes your PPC to arrive depends on how you choose to apply and the payment method used.

For debit / credit card applications you should expect to receive your certificate within 10 working days of the date your application is processed.

If you've set up a Direct Debit (DD) PPC it depends on which type of certificate you've chosen. An email certificate will arrive immediately whereas a postal certificate will arrive 10 working days after the date the first payment has been collected.

If it's been longer than the given timescale above and the money has left your bank, please contact us.

Pharmacy (applications made before 25/02/19)

If you bought the PPC at a pharmacy, we need you to either;
  • Ask the pharmacy to complete another FP95 application form
  • Complete another FP95 application form yourself and send it in with a receipt as proof of purchase (photocopies are acceptable)
We cannot process the application without another application form. Whichever option you choose from above, please ensure you include a covering letter explaining that the original application hasn't been received. If you've collected prescriptions stating that you have a PPC, you should request the original start date.

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