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Document What is the reminder process for the renewal of a Prescription Prepayment Certificate (PPC)?

The type of Prescription Prepayment Certificate (PPC) you have purchased will determine the reminder process. If applicable, a reminder is issued 1 month before the PPC is due to expire.

Please see below for information on how you will receive your reminder.

3 or 12 month digital PPC

The reminder will be issued via email providing you opted to receive your PPC via email when you first applied. If you selected any other method i.e. printing your own certificate, then you will receive your reminder letter in the post.

12 month paper PPC

The reminder letter will be issued in the post.

3 month paper PPC

Reminders, currently, aren't sent to 3 month paper PPC holders, the letter you receive with your 3 month PPC states 'Please note; we do not issue renewal reminder letters for three month PPCs. It is your responsibility to ensure that your PPC has not expired every time you declare that you hold a valid PPC on an NHS prescription form.'



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