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Document How often can I get help towards my optical costs?

Glasses / Contact lenses

You should contact your local optician directly to establish when you'd be entitled to receive help towards the cost of your glasses or contact lenses. It depends on a number of factors, such as whether your optical prescription has changed and when was the last time you had help towards these costs.

NHS-funded sight test

You can get help towards one NHS-funded sight test every 2 years. However, if you're:
  • Diabetic
  • 60 years and older
  • 40 years and over with a family history of glaucoma, ocular hypertension and not in a monitoring scheme
You can get help towards the cost of an NHS-funded sight test once every 12 months.

Additionally, your optician can authorise an NHS-funded sight test more than once every 2 years if they deem it clinically necessary. Please discuss this directly with your optician.

Check what help you could get to pay for NHS costs
You can check what help you could get on our website.
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