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Document Can I get help with repairing my damaged / replacing my lost glasses?

You will need to ask your optician for a GOS4 voucher to apply for help with the cost of repairing damaged or replacing lost glasses.
A GOS4 is a voucher used for the repair or replacement of glasses. They are most commonly used to repair children’s glasses and can be used unconditionally for under 16s for lost or damaged glasses. You can claim a repair for parts of or a whole frame, one lens or both lenses, or the entire pair of glasses.
If you're over 16 there must be a valid medical reason for the damage to or loss of your glasses in order for the NHS to cover this cost.

Your Local Area Team (LAT) will make the decision as to whether you qualify for help with repairing / replacing your glasses. You need to contact them if you wish to discuss this further.

There is a list of all Area Teams (ATs) online; if you don’t know who your LAT is you can check with your place of treatment.

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You can check what help you could get on our website.
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