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Document How will my claim be assessed if my partner lives abroad?

If you're applying for help with your health costs and your partner lives abroad, this may affect the way that you're assessed through the NHS Low Income Scheme.

If your partner has been living abroad for less than 4 weeks, you'll be assessed as normal. If your partner has been living abroad for more than 4 weeks, we'll take into account your:
  • Personal allowance and any premiums at the single persons rate; and
  • Housing costs
  • Council Tax
Income and capital from both yourself and your partner will be taken into account as part of the assessment for up to 52 weeks. After 52 weeks or when your separation stops being temporary, your partner will no longer be treated as a member of your household and any payments received from them will be treated as maintenance payments.

If your partner returns and requires help with help costs, you will have to apply as a couple using a new HC1 application form. You can continue to use your current certificate until it expires.

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