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Document Can I get my Armed Forces prescription (FMed296) dispensed at a community pharmacy?

An FMed296 form is a standard military prescription issued to a member of the Armed Forces instead of an FP10 when they're on their base.

They should be presented to a specific pharmacy contracted to the Ministry of Defence (MoD) and handled in a similar manner to private prescriptions. An invoice for services is sent directly to the MoD rather than requiring the individual service person to pay. It cannot be sent to the NHS Prescription Services; if it is, it will be disallowed and returned to the contractor.

In the event that an FMed296 is presented to a non-contracted pharmacy, it should be treated as a private prescription and the person presenting it should pay full costs before receiving the medicine. It's then up to individual to recover any costs through their military unit, if entitled. This will depend on them having had prior authorisation to use a non-contracted pharmacy.

The MoD and military medical centres will not honour invoices raised directly by a non-contracted pharmacy without prior approval.

If the patient wants to get their prescription on the NHS, they need to get it re-written by their GP, however, the usual prescription charges apply unless they're exempt.
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