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Document Portable Document (PD) A1 form - what is this and where can it be obtained from?

If you are living and working in another EEA country and have to pay UK National Insurance contributions for a period when you are working outside the UK, you would need to apply to HMRC for a PD A1 form. Receipt of the form would mean that you will not normally have to pay contributions to the other country's social security scheme in order to be entitled to state-funded healthcare there. HMRC will normally give you a PD A1 form.

You should apply for the certificate before you go abroad. It is possible to issue certificates retrospectively but applying as early as possible helps HMRC make the process as simple as possible for you and can prevent complications that arise if you apply for certificates a long time after the work abroad has started.

Please see the website to find out how to apply.

You can contact HMRC via telephone on:
  • 0191 203 7010 if you are calling from the UK.
  • 0044 191 203 7010  if you are calling from outside of the UK.
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