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Document How can I find the official government website where I can apply for my EHIC without charge?

The official government website can be found by typing into your browser. This will take you directly to the official GOV.UK website. By accessing the website this way you can be confident that you are using the official government source.

Some of the pages you will arrive at through GOV.UK may have a slightly different look and feel to the landing page. This is because the government are in the process of making everything consistent.

If you do not access the GOV.UK website and type the names of some popular government services into the search engine, including EHIC, some of your search results may be ads for sites that offer a service to you with a charge. Whereas if you had of accessed the official website the services could have been provided to you at a lower cost, or even without charge.

It is sometimes hard to tell the difference between the adverts that appear at the top of the search result pages, and the actual search results which take you to the government service. The government are working with search engines to have the ads for misleading websites removed.

The government are also working with the Advertising Standards Authority and the National Trading Standards Board to make it harder for these sites to run their business in this way.

In the meantime, the government are also trying to raise awareness about how to avoid misleading websites. They are working with consumer organisations like Which?, Citizens Advice Bureau and, just as importantly, directly with users through the #StartAtGOVUK campaign.



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