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Document Am I entitled to help with my health costs if I or my partner are not currently receiving payment of a qualifying benefit?

Whether or not you are entitled to free NHS prescriptions during a period of non-payment for your qualifying benefit will depend on the reason why your benefit is not being paid.

If you are not receiving any payments due to a sanction of your Income Based JSA, Income Related ESA, Income Support, or Pension Credit Guaranteed Credit, you will not be entitled to free NHS prescriptions during the period of the sanction.
However, you will remain entitled during a period of sanctioning of Universal Credit payments, as long as you would be receiving payment if it was not for the sanction only. For example, if you are entitled to an amount of money after all the standard assessment deductions, however have been sanctioned that full amount for the assessment period, you will remain entitled to free NHS prescriptions.

Underlying entitlement
If you only have an underlying entitlement to a qualifying benefit, for example due to also being entitled to a different higher value benefit, you are not entitled to free NHS prescriptions.

Reduced due to overpayment
If you are entitled to receive payment of a qualifying benefit, but an earlier overpayment is currently being recovered from you in way of reducing your payments, you can continue to claim free NHS prescriptions.

Awarded nil
If you have not been awarded any payments based on your benefit assessment, you will not be entitled to free NHS prescriptions during the period your award is nil. This is regardless of whether national insurance contributions are being paid on your behalf.

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