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Document Where should I send my Childcare Reconciliation (CCR) form(s) and/or any requested childcare receipts?

All Childcare Reconciliation (CCR) forms and / or any childcare reconciliation related evidence must be sent with your student coversheet to: 

NHS Student Bursaries,
PO Box 2253,

If you send your reconciliation paperwork to any other address than the one above it may result in your Childcare Allowance payments being suspended if it is not reallocated and scanned to your record before the initial deadline.
Please only send CCR forms and childcare receipts (if applicable) to the address above. We do not return evidence sent to this address, so any evidence not relating to childcare reconciliation sent to this address relating to a bursary application, such as birth certificates, P60’s and payslips, may not be returned to you.

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