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Document Non Means Tested (NMT) Grant rates for 2012 scheme students

This guidance is only applicable to you if the first year of your course began on or after 1 September 2012.
The Non Means Tested (NMT) Grant is awarded to all students who are eligible for at least a fees only award. The exception to this is students with ‘EU fees only’ status (EU nationality students who have not met all eligibility criteria).
It is not necessary to declare any income or complete any additional sections within your BOSS application to apply for this.
The current rate of NMT Grant for a full time student is £1,000 per academic year.
Part time students
The rate for a part time student will be a pro rata amount of the full time rate based on the length of your course.
For courses which are normally three years full time, the part time equivalents are as follows:
  • 4 year course duration – paid at 75% of the full time rate
  • 5 year course duration – paid at 60% of the full time rate
  • 6 year course duration – paid at 50% of the full time rate

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