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Document Will I be eligible for funding if I repeat part of my Medical / Dental course?

You can only be considered for repeat funding, including tuition fees, if you are repeating one of the years that is NHS funded.

For example, if you are on a 5 year undergraduate medical / dental course but you fail the 4th year, we would not consider any funding for this as you are repeating a non NHS funded year. Repeat study years undertaken before you are eligible to apply for a bursary are not be counted towards the required fifth year of study.

The same rules apply to the accelerated 4 year graduate entry programme, repeat funding would not be available from us if you were repeating year 1.

If you are repeating an NHS funded year, you may be considered for extended funding. A maximum of 12 months additional NHS funding can be awarded throughout the duration of a course.

Repeat study years undertaken once you are eligible to apply for bursary funding may attract NHS Bursary support but you will only be allowed 1 period of bursary funded repeat study. Any further repeat study over and above the maximum 12 months must be self-funded.

To be considered for an extension / repeat of the tuition fees contribution, your course dates must include the 1st of December in the applicable academic year.
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