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Document Why is a prescription for assorted or mixed flavours missing from the expensive item section of my payment schedule?

Assorted or mixed flavours are processed as separate items and therefore if the total cost of an individual flavour does not exceed £100 then it won't appear in the expensive item section of your payment schedule. We are unable to display the price for the total cost of the mixed flavours.

For example Fortisip Bottle, 60 x 200ml assorted flavours, equating to £1.89 per 200ml bottle, so, if 15 x 200ml bottles in 4 different flavours are given then we would not pay  £113.40 in total, we would pay 4 payments of £28.35, along with 4 dispensing fees.

However, if a prescription ordered a single flavour then we would pay for this as one item, which would show in the expensive item section of your payment schedule as long as the net ingredient cost exceeds £100.

For example Fortisip Bottle, 60 x 200ml Vanilla flavour the total cost of the prescription will be £113.40, thus appearing on the expensive item section of your schedule

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