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Document Where can I find out how much I will be reimbursed for an item I have dispensed?

The Drug Tariff contains basic reimbursement prices for a range of drugs and medical devices.

Click here to access the online Drug Tariff, a PDF version is also available.

Alternatively, you can access the dictionary of medicines + devices (dm+d) which contains a huge variety of information, for example whether a product will be reimbursed by the NHSBSA if submitted for reimbursement by a dispensing contractor and the indicative price of each pack of a product (where a price is maintained by the NHSBSA). The data also shows current and discontinued products and packs available from manufacturers and suppliers.

Click here to access the dm+d browser

Click here for further information about dm+d

The dm+d provides the basic prices shown in pence, that is, before any payment formulas are applied.



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