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Document Why might a prescription have been referred back?

There should be a code with a specific reason listed underneath the image of the prescription which should explain what information we require to be able to process your prescription. 

The most common reason why an item is returned is due to an incomplete endorsement, where one or more of the following details are missing:
  • Manufacturer/ Brand name (if not in drug tariff and made by more than one company).
  • Pack size (if more than one is available).
  • Price (if we don’t hold a price for it).
It could also be returned due to too much information on the endorsement, i.e. more than one manufacturer listed.

If you are unsure of why it has been sent back or do not know what needs to be endorsed, please contact our helpline who will be able to advise.
0300 330 1349 or 0191 279 0568
Email: nhsbsa.prescriptionservices@nhsbsa.nhs.uk

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