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Document Stoma customisation fee information

What is the fee for?

As a pharmacy and appliance contractor that dispenses appliances you can provide this service as set out in Part VIC of the Drug Tariff. You are paid a fee for customising or fitting certain stoma appliances in part IXC as required for the patient.
The fee does not have to be claimed and will be paid automatically to contractors who in England have informed us of their intention to provide stoma appliance customisation services as an advanced service by the end of the month before they start providing the service.
As a contractor you are required to meet certain preconditions before NHSBC is able to enter into arrangements with you to provide the service. Your ongoing entitlement to provide the service is subject to compliance with the conditions that NHSCB impose.


How much is the fee?

The current fee is £4.32 for every qualifying prescription item dispensed. If more than one of the same item is prescribed, the fee is only paid once per prescription.

Please note that the fee will be paid an all applicable items, regardless of whether customisation was actually required.

How can I get set up to receive this?

The contractor needs to submit an application form to us and NHSCB (NHS England) to enable us to set an indicator on the payment systems for the fee to be attributed.
Click here to download this form from our website.