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Document What can I do if I cannot source a Part IXA appliance at Drug Tariff price or without incurring out of pocket expenses?

Out of pocket expenses can only be claimed on medical devices that are listed in Part IXB and IXC of the Drug Tariff, and cannot be claimed for appliances/devices listed in Part IXA or IXR.

If you are unable to obtain an item listed in Part IXA at the price listed from your normal wholesaler, or directly from the manufacturer/supplier or without incurring additional charges such as carriage, you can contact the PSNC for advice.
You should send feedback to PSNC about the issue. 

NHS Prescription Services are currently collating information on Part IXA appliances that cannot be obtained at the listed Drug Tariff price. If you are a pharmacy or appliance contractor who has had difficulty obtaining an item from either your normal wholesaler, or directly from the manufacturer or supplier, please email the NHSBSA at

Unlike prescriptions for drugs, pharmacists are under no obligation to dispense appliances if this not a normal part of their business. If any prescription for an appliance is presented for dispensing and the pharmacist is unable to provide the appliance, then subject to the consent of the patient, the pharmacist can refer the prescription to another provider for dispensing.

If the patient does not consent to the prescription being referred to another provider, the pharmacist must give the patient the contact details of two providers of appliances, if the pharmacist is aware of the contact details.

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