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Document How to endorse NCSO prescriptions

To ensure that you will be reimbursed correctly for dispensing products which have been granted the NCSO concession, it is essential that all the following information is endorsed on the prescription form:
  • NCSO.
  • Full details of the product dispensed; manufacturer or supplier, brand name, pack size and price if it is an uncommon item.
  • Sign or initial the endorsement.
  • The date that the prescription was issued. If the script has been date stamped we will accept this.
If any of the endorsement is missing then payment will be based on the Drug Tariff price rather than the endorsed product. Please note that if we have a price on our systems for the particular manufacturer or brand of drug you have endorsed, then we will pay the price we have on file; not the price you endorse.

If NCSO status has not yet been granted on a Part VIII product but you cannot obtain it at the Drug Tariff price because of a supply problem and a more expensive product has had to be dispensed, you can endorse the prescription in anticipation of the NCSO Concession being granted. The full endorsement is still required; the initials, ‘NCSO’, full details of the product dispensed and the endorsement must be initialed and dated.

If the product has not been granted the NCSO Concession in the month concerned, NHS Prescription Services will reimburse the item at the standard Part VIII price.

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