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Document Information on NCSO

NCSO stands for 'No Cheaper Stock Obtainable'. It is a concession applied when the Department of Health and Social Care agrees that a pharmacy contractor is unable to purchase a Part VIII generic drug at the price listed in Drug Tariff Part VIII.

You would not apply directly to get an NCSO status for a drug; instead you should let the PSNC know that you cannot get the drug at Drug Tariff price. The PSNC can look into this and, if necessary, they will apply to the Department of Health for NCSO status for that drug.

The NCSO concession is published monthly and only lasts for the month it is granted. It is only applicable to pharmacy contractors.

To claim NCSO, you should have firstly made all reasonable efforts to obtain the product at the appropriate price but haven't succeeded. You would then endorse the prescription with all of the following:
  • NCSO.
  • Full details of the product dispensed; manufacturer or supplier, brand name, pack size and price if it is an uncommon item.
  • Sign or initial the endorsement.
  • The date that the prescription was issued. If the script has been date stamped we will accept this.
If any of the endorsement is missing then payment will be based on the Drug Tariff price rather than the endorsed product. Please note that if we have a price on our systems for the particular manufacturer or brand of drug you have endorsed, then we will pay the price we have on file; not the price you endorse.

Prescriptions with NCSO claims do not need to be put in the red separators, unless they meet any of the other criteria for what should be separated.

All potential NCSO prescriptions are automatically passed to a handler/processor, who will look at them to ensure they contain all of the necessary endorsements are present.


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