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Document Are there any time limits for getting an FP10 prescription dispensed?

An FP10 prescription is valid for six months from the ‘date’ on the prescription, unless the medicine prescribed  is a Schedule 2, 3 or 4 controlled drug (CD). Prescriptions for Schedule 2, 3 and 4 CDs are only valid for 28 days.
The validity of a prescription runs from the date that the prescription was signed or the ‘appropriate date’. The appropriate date is a date indicated by the prescriber as the date before which the drug cannot be supplied.
If a prescription contains both these dates, the period of validity starts from the later of the two dates. If a prescription only has a signed date then this is the ‘appropriate date’.

Repeat Prescriptions

Schedule 2 and 3 CDs cannot be prescribed on repeat dispensing prescriptions.
Schedule 4 CDs can be prescribed on a repeat dispensing prescription but must be dispensed for the first time within 28 days of the appropriate date.
Schedule 5 CDs and non-controlled drugs must be dispensed for the first time within six months of the appropriate date.
Any owing balance for a Schedule 2, 3 or 4 CD cannot be dispensed later than 28 days after the appropriate date on the prescription.
Any owing balance for a Schedule 5 CD cannot be collected more than 6 months after the appropriate date.
Where one FP10 prescription form contains items with different ‘expiry dates’ for example a Schedule 2 CD (28 days) and a non-controlled drug (6 months) or a Schedule 4 CD (28 days) and a Schedule 5 CD (6 months) then each item must have their validity period applied. This means that 29 days after the appropriate date the non-controlled drug (6 month expiry) can be dispensed but the Schedule 2 drug (28 day expiry) cannot.


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