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Document recently updated What are the earliest payment dates for the Pharmacy Early Payment Scheme (PEPS)?

Signed up contractors should ensure that their batches are received by us in good time to take advantage of the benefits offered by the scheme.

First earlier payment date (approx 8th of the month)

To make the first early payment date, you will need to secure delivery of the previous month's prescriptions and correctly completed FP34C declaration to NHS Prescription Services by the 3rd day of the month following that in which the supply was made.

Second earlier payment date (approx 12th of the month)

Earlier payment can be made available by the 12th day of the month if prescriptions and completed FP34C are dispatched, in a secure manner, from the pharmacy not later than the 5th day of the month following that in which the supply was made (as now) and delivered by the 8th of the month.

If prescriptions cannot be delivered to us until after the 8th of the month, earlier payment cannot be assured and payment is likely to be on the normal payment date of the 1st of the month.

Please note that access to the earlier payment through Taulia is based on the date prescriptions are received by us, so it is important that they are dispatched in good time and prepared correctly.

More information and specific payment dates can be found on their website

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