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Document What payments will my pharmacy receive for carrying out NMS?

Two types of payments will be available for the NMS between 1 October 2011 and 31 March 2012 to all pharmacy contractors meeting the requirements for this service. 

Payment 1 - Implementation Payment

This was a payment of £750 for establishing the service. It is only payable once in respect of each premise on a PCT’s pharmaceutical list.

This claim had to be made on the appropriate form by 5th April 2012.

Payment 2 - Monthly target activity Payment

Payment 2 is a monthly target activity payment where the payment is based on the number of completed full service interventions declared on your submission document, compared to your pharmacy's prescription volume for that month and targets set out in Part VIC of the Drug Tariff. Different amounts are payable depending on what percentage of the maximum number of funded NMS interventions you have carried out.

Further details of this payment is available in Part VIC of Drug Tariff.


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