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Document Information on appliance use reviews (AUR)

An appliance use review (AUR) is a planned face to face consultation between a pharmacist or appliance contractor and a patient to discuss the appliance or device that the patient is currently using.
The review aims to help increase the patient's knowledge and understanding of their appliance while allowing them to discuss any queries or concerns they may have.
As a pharmacy or appliance contractor, you will receive a payment for carrying these out: 
  • £28 per AUR conducted at your premises.
  • £54 per AUR conducted at the patient’s home.
  • If within a 24 hour period reviews are conducted for several users living at the same location, you may claim £54 for the first review and £28 for each subsequent review.
You will be limited to claiming for 1 AUR for every 35 part IXA, IXB or IXC items you dispense per financial year (1st April - 31st March).

More information can be found in Part VIC of the Drug Tariff.


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